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Announcement: Pfizer’s Acquisition of Hospira
On September 3, 2015, Pfizer completed the acquisition of Hospira, and so Hospira is no longer an independent company.

Hospira’s Grants Website Closure:
Effective September 8, 2015, applications are no longer being accepted on this site. Please see below for information on how to apply for medical education grants via the Pfizer Grant Management System.

Medical Education Grants: Grants for independent professional education activities and interventions directed towards health care professionals. To apply for an independent medical education grant, please visit www.pfizer.com/independentgrants for information regarding eligibility criteria, policies and procedures, and the submission process.

Track 1 – Learning & Change
Pfizer will publish evidence-based, data driven Request for Proposals (RFPs) in key clinical areas where practice gaps have been identified through external entities, registries and other assessment methodologies and processes. Each RFP will focus on areas where Pfizer support could potentially have the greatest impact on improved patient care and outcomes. Click here to view currently open RFPs.

Track 2 - Knowledge Gap
Knowledge Gap grants will focus on educational strategies specially designed to close gaps in knowledge and improve competence in certain clinical areas, as identified through needs assessment and other data that would support this type of strategy. Types of funding currently available include:
  • Annual Meetings: Funding to support LIVE national and regional conferences and congresses. CLICK HERE to view the 2015 clinical areas of interest, goals, and submission deadlines
  • Call for Grant Applications (CGA): In certain clinical areas, a Call for Grant Application (CGA) will also be posted. The CGA will describe (1) the clinical area of interest, (2) the approximate total budget available, (3) the rationale behind the need for knowledge-driven education or assessment, (4) the outcome-reporting required, and (5) what information must be included the application. Click here to view currently open CGAs.

Hospira, Inc. is now a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. The combination of local Pfizer and Hospira entities may be pending in various jurisdictions and integration is subject to completion of various local legal and regulatory steps. To learn more, please visit www.pfizer.com.
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